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Organic Sprout Kit


Enjoy, fresh, delicious, wholesome sprouts with the SproutKit. Create your own urban micro-farm and harvest your first crop of nutritious sprouts in less than one week. Our unique system features a stainless steel mesh top and food safe lid which makes soaking, rinsing, and draining the seeds super simple. Seeds are handled more gently, won't get stuck if you were to use an external strainer, won't get stuck in the folds if you use a cheesecloth fabric, and rust won't build up like on typical metal rings. Each kit includes 5 popular, delicious, colorful, and easy to grow organic seed varieties: alfalfa, red clover, adzuki, crimson lentils, and mung beans.

No matter what the weather is outside, you can enjoy the fresh taste of healthy, delicious organic sprouts at home in as little as 2 days.


  • 1L wide-mouth Mason jar
  • Stainless steel mesh lid
  • Food-safe plastic ring
  • Starter pack of 5 different seed varieties
  • Sprouting instructions
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Start your own urban micro-farm at home and harvest your first crop of wholesome, nutritious sprouts in less than one week. Each kit includes a reusable glass mason jar, a stainless steel mesh screen for easy rinsing and draining, food-safe plastic lid/ring, detailed instructions, a sprouting chart timeline, and 5 varieties of certified organic seeds. Organic seed varieties include alfalfa, red clover, adzuki, crimson lentils, and mung beans. Enjoy the freshest sprouts right on your counter top all year round.

For the dedicated grower who wants to have several varieties sprouting at the same time, we also have a jar/lid combination pack which includes 5 plastic rings and 5 stainless steel mesh lids to allow you to keep grow a constant flow of sprouts. Enjoy fresh, living foods into your diet with the Fungaea at-home sprouting kit.


Additional information

Weight .45 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 18 cm

Seed Varieties

Each SproutKit comes with a starter pack of 5 different seed vareities, each with their own unique colour and taste.

  • Adzuki sprouts are a crisp and crunchy 3-5 day sprout. The beautiful red beans are commonly used for short sprouts. They are rich in protein, amino acids, iron, niacin, and calcium.
  • Alfalfa sprouts have a fresh and mild flavor while packing in a lot of nutrition. Ready in 4-5 days, they have a great crunchy texture that is great in sandwiches and salads.
  • Red Clover sprouts are similar to alfalfa but even easier to grow with a mild and sweet flavour. They are rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, and K.
  • Crimson Lentils are one of the fastest sprouts, ready in 2-3 days. These salmon coloured seeds make a great addition to soups, salads, baked goods and even trail mixes.
  • Mung Beans are often known as Chinese bean sprouts. Short sprouts are ready in 2-3 days while longer shoots are ready in 6-7 days. They should be grown in the dark to prevent bitterness.


  1. Choose the seeds you would like to sprout, determining your amount by referring to the sprouting chart. Rinse the seeds thoroughly and place them in your sprouting jar along  with 3 times as much cool water (60-70F, 15-21C). For adzuki and mung beans, slightly warmer water can be used, but don’t exceed 90F/32C or you risk cooking the seeds and they won’t sprout. Soak your seeds in accordance with the times listed above.
  2. After soaking, you’ll need to begin the rinsing cycle. With you stainless steel mesh and lid ring secured, pour out the soak water and rinse your seeds with cool water by swirling them around in the jar. Drain by turning the jar upside down over your kitchen sink. Determine rinsing intervals using the sprouting chart.
  3. Between rinses, keep your jar tilted upside down in an appropriately sized bowl, allowing excess water to drain out. *You do not want standing water*. Keep your jar at room termperature (around 70F/21C) as your seeds germinate. If you’re sprouting leafy greens, you’ll want to make sure they get indirect sunlight from around day 4 to maturity. This will stimulate photosynthesis and turn them green.
  4. Dehulling & Storage. Some people like to remove the hulls, or outside casing from their sprouts. Usually this is done for aesthetic reasons and is completely optional. If you do choose to dehull, simply empty your sprouts into a large bowl of water before your final rinse. Pull the mass of sprouts apart and as the hulls float to the surface, skim them off and toss them into your compost.
  5. If stored properly, your sprouts will last refrigerated for around 2 weeks. Make sure they are left to drain for 8-12 hours after your final rinse so they are completely dry when placed in your refrigerator. Store them in a plastic bag or a sealed container.


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