Fungaea was founded in 2012 with the mission to reconnect people with the food they eat and to empower them to grow it themselves. We utilize sustainable and upcycled materials in our products and partner with pioneering organizations with the goal of taking responsibility for our ecological footprint, inspiring others to be resourceful and environmentally aware, and bringing urban farming to our community while contributing to the well-being of our planet Earth.


The Eden Projects

Fungaea has partnered with The Eden Projects to assist in their exciting reforestation work in Madagascar. To date, they’ve planted over 125,000,000 trees and created countless jobs for people who really need them. As part of our commitment to the environment, we donate 5 trees for every product that is sold. The bigger Fungaea grows, the more trees we can help Eden plant. This is one of our biggest motivations to keep working hard. For more information on Eden, visit their website at

*Fungaea Has Currently Assisted Eden in the Planting of 3624 Trees and Growing*